Thursday, 24 May 2012

Meet Ms Sahara ,Nigeria's first Transgender Female


The first time i saw these pics i thought to myself she's a gorgeous hottie ...before you start feeling weak in the knees due to the strong, sexy and bold gaze from the hot lady in the pics above, think again cos she was born as a male.

Shocked huh? He used to live in Abuja, Nigeria under the name, Mr Oche, but now she lives in London under the new name Ms. Sahara. Ms. Sahara used to reside in Abuja and lived in an openly feminine manner until she left the country about 7 years ago.
Since moving to the UK, she participated in the Miss International Queen Pageant for transgenders from around the world in 2011. Although she did not win, she was good enough to finish second place. Ms Sahara is currently Nigeria's first Transgender Female.
This shouldnt be a shock because this has been done by Chasity Bono who had a sex change and turned herself to the new Chaz Salvatore Bono.
Please take note that this is not to spite or mock Ms Sahara. Everyone has his/her right to live they way they want and make choices for themselves. Ms Sahara has made his/her decision and i don't think we should judge her.
In a statement, Ms Sahara said: I was very feminine when I was growing up and often got harassed and beaten up badly … the terrible memories flood back when I look at the scars all over my body … We are called a crude name that translates loosely into faggot and are forced to live underground … I am living my life openly as a woman. I am very happy … I decided to travel to Thailand to enter this competition not to win but to show suppressed transgender people in Nigeria that they too can make their dreams come true”

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  1. HeartBreakKeed24 May 2012 at 11:34

    Waoh... God please help me, I hope my current girlfriend aint a Ms Sahara... :(

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  3. So what I would not mock or belittle her as I think she looks wonderful as she is and now Ms Sahara is in the UK I would love to meet her....hopefully

  4. Dia is dignity in naturality

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